February 2, 2023

Make Video To Build Leadership.

The most common reason why people do not make videos is that they feel what others will think.

What will someone say?

I remember for the first time when I uploaded my first video. I got the 1st comment, you know what? It was “very funny”

Now at that point of time, it was very painful.

Painful because I have no idea what intention he wrote that comment but it was very painful for me because I was expecting some good comments and some good feedback.

I shared my ideas, thoughts, whatever but especially many people don’t make videos because they feel that if they make videos, many people do not react well. If people do not give good comments, good feedback, then they will feel bad about it.

No matter who you are?

Where are you in your life?

When you make a video, there will be at least one person who will criticize you, put you down by giving bad comments or feedback.

But unfortunately, everyone is not that good at communicating in front of other people. You may have some problems with your language or the kinds of words You choose.

There are two types of people on this planet: 1% people and 99% people. 1% of people will always give bad comments or criticize you in your video making journey.

Ignore 1% negative people because still, you have 99% good people with you who will always inspire you, motivate you in your journey.

If you upload your video on Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn, you may reach millions of people every week. If I calculate numbers, only 1% of people react like angry, bad comments on your video but still 99% people will like your videos. This 99% of people will give good feedback even if they don’t like it.

If only that 1% of people are stopping you from making videos, then,

I must tell you; you will find these kinds of 1% people everywhere in your life, In each and every department, in every area of your life and even in your office.

If you do something you will find 1% of people will discourage you, and will not like you.

And if those 1% people are stopping you from creating videos, then you are doing injustice with you, with your own content and at the same time you are doing injustice with your 99% of people who want to listen to you, to your ideas, thoughts and beliefs. And it’s your social responsibility to respect that positive 99 % of people.

So, Please ignore the 1%, focus on 99%.

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