February 2, 2023

How to be a better marketer in 2022 ?

How to be a better marketer in 2022 ?

The Digital medium is just how communication technology has evolved. Earlier we have Radio, TV, Magazines and Newspaper, but now we have Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Online videos or Youtube and online courses.

However, the core principles of marketing have not changed. Because we as humans have not changed. If you become a better marketer, you can automatically become a better digital marketer for a lifetime.

So how do we become better marketers?

  1. Get a Good Life Experience

Marketing is mostly the ability to tell compelling stories.

Great marketers are people who have great life experience. If you have experience of anything then congratulations.

It will help you in your marketing journey and in your life journey.

Because life experience helps you tell more stories and stories connect people.

As a marketer, you have to engage your audience with interesting stories, knowledge and valuable content in the form of text, audio or videos.

The amount of ideas you can come up with to engage your audience depends on how much life experience you have.

  1. Talk to a Single Person

A marketer is a salesman multiplied by the power of communication technology.

A door-to-door salesman tries to sell a particular product by giving a sales pitch to a potential customer.

A salesman talks to one person at a time.

If I am trying to sell you something through marketing (via digital mediums), I have to talk to you.

Though I am writing for you, the way I am writing, you will feel that I am writing for only you.

That’s why you are able to connect with me, and listen to me, spend time reading my article, in case of video spend time watching my YouTube videos and spend time reading my emails, you have to use the same strategy.

When you write a blog post or a sales email, imagine one person at the other end and write only to a single person.

  1. Use Simple English

Right from childhood, we have been fascinated by complex English.

Grammar rules, long sentences, and complex words are usually appreciated on the academic side of the world.

They are appreciated in school but not in the market where you have to get people to pay you money.

In marketing, you have to write as you talk.

If I was sitting next to you, I would talk like this.

In simple English, and small sentences.

The purpose of writing in marketing (copywriting) is to convert a reader into a customer, who will pay us for our products and services.

Content gets attention. Attention builds trust. Trust can be leveraged to get people to transact.

Right now, I am able to get your attention because you were interested in what I have to say.

If I deliver good content, a promise from the headline (The subject line of this email is: How to be a better marketer), then through this I can build trust.

I said I am going to talk about how to become a better marketer, and you are reading the article until this point, and if you feel I have delivered my promise, then I am building trust in your eyes.

Tomorrow, with this trust, I might be able to convince you to buy one of my products or services.

And nothing can be achieved if I spoke like an English professor or wrote like I am publishing a research paper for my PhD.

I don’t care about how correct my words are.

All I care about is, am I getting your undivided attention, and am I able to build trust?

English, in the marketing context, is just a medium to communicate with each other.


So these are the three points which can help you become a better marketer.

There are a lot more things we can do to become better marketers, but these 3 are the most important.

Do you think following this advice will help you become a better marketer?

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